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 Welcome to Dragon Gear

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PostSubject: Welcome to Dragon Gear   Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:08 pm

Welcome, to Dragon Gear.
At Dragon Gear we want every one to enjoy free role playing games. Dragon Gear staff and administration take greate care of there games and make shure everyone is able to play them for 100% zero cost. We make different kinds of games that target spacific age group. Most of the games we make are rated E, E 10 and T, if you do not understand what the letters indicate there will be a brief description at the bottom of this post. From time to time you will see many projects yes it will take a while for a new game to make since i am really the only person working on games and i also have this site to take care of. If you would like to be part of Dragon Gear Computer Entertaitnment please either Private Massage (PM) me or e-mail me your resume. Resume sholud be righten this way or else i want read it.

Job Applications Avaible

Scripter (must have knowlage with RUBY or RGGS.)
Graphic Developer (must have knolage with Photoshop or GIMP or any other editing software.)
Righter (must be able to create storylines, character profiles ect.)

Resume Layout.
Name: John Smith
E-Mail: abc@hotmail.com (we exapt: gmail, yahoo, msn, live, hotmail, ymail, rocketmail, aim)
Job: Graphic Designer (Pick from a list indicated at the top.)


Rating System

E, (Evryone)
E10, (Evryone Over 10)
T, (Teenage +14)

Note: We do not create any M,A,AO (Mature, Adult, or Adult Only games and never will.)

Thanks for your co-op
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Welcome to Dragon Gear
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